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Daily Tariff Policy:

Bhutan cautiously opened its gates to foreign visitors three decades ago and still regulates the volume of tourists to preserve its socio-cultural heritage and environment. The Royal Government of Bhutan has set the policy of “high-value low impact” tourism to control the number of visitors and minimize the impact on the environment. This ensures that a limited number of discerning tourists visit the country and get the best experience here. At the same time, the country’s resources are not burdened by mass tourism and the true character of Bhutan is preserved.

As part of the policy, the government has fixed Minimum Daily Package for all foreign nationals. The package for a group of 3 or more tourists are as follows:

March to May | September to November

June to August | December to February

USD 250 per person per night

USD 200 per person per night


In addition to Minimum Daily Package, an additional surcharge is levied on tourists travelling alone or in a pair:

Single Traveller: USD 40 per night
Two Travellers: USD 30 per night

Note: Foreign tour agents and their representatives travelling to Bhutan for business, study or promotional purposes are exempted from paying the surcharge. Prior clearance from Tourism Council of Bhutan is required.

The above-mentioned fees include:

  • Lodging in a Government- approved Three Star Hotel/Lodge
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. On the day of departure, the tour operator will provide only breakfast. Cost for any additional eatables will be borne by the traveller.
  • Transport for Local Transfers
  • Camping Equipment and Porter Services for Treks. This includes Marmoth sleeping tents and sleeping bags, dining, kitchen, toilet and shower facilities, heaters, guide, cook, horsemen and a helper.
  • Taxes and Charges
  • Sustainable Development Fees of $65
  • Entry Fees for all Tourist Sites

Important Note: Minimum Daily Package is fixed by Royal Government of Bhutan and no tour company operating within Bhutan has authority to offer a discount on the package. Tour operators who offer a discount on Minimum Daily Package and tourists who buy these packages are essentially breaking the law. Beware of unscrupulous elements and book through a registered tour operator with proper credentials. Scroll down to know more about government approved discounts and offers. Also, check for further information.

Note: Citizens of India, Bangladesh and Maldives are exempted from paying Minimum Daily Package and are permitted to set their own travel budgets.

Visa Fees:

All travellers visiting Bhutan must pay one-time visa fees of USD 40 per person.

Note: There is no charge for obtaining route permit for the citizens of India, Bangladesh and Maldives if they plan to get it themselves. However, we charge a small amount for this service if you book through us.

Trekking Supplements Charges:

In addition to above-mentioned charges, travellers who visit Bhutan on trekking trips must pay USD 40 per person per day only for the duration of the trek. This is applicable to all trekking itineraries.

* Discounts:

  • Other than $40 visa fees, there is no charge for children below 5 years.
  • Children between 5-12 years are eligible for 50% discount on Minimum Daily Package.
  • Students below the age of 25 years will be eligible for 25% discount on Minimum Daily Package upon producing valid ID issued by their academic institutions.
  • For a group of 11 people, a discount of 50% on Minimum Daily Package shall be given to one person. For groups exceeding 16 people, 100% discount shall be given to one member.
  • For the travellers planning a long trip, 50% discount on Sustainable Development Fee shall be provided after the 8th night and 100% discount on Sustainable Development Fee shall be provided after 14th night.
  • 100% discount on Sustainable Development Fees shall be given on the first and/or the last night to those groups who make a night halt at Phuntsholing, Sarpang and Samdrup Jongkhar on arrival and/or departure.

Note: All payments must be made prior to arrival in Bhutan.

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