What to Bring For Your Bhutan Trip

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1. PHOTO IDS: Please carry original copy along with Xerox copies of the following documents:
i) Passport
ii) Passport/ Valid School ID and Birth Certificate
iii) Passport size photographs -2

2. You will be provided with the valid permits, please retain them carefully since those will be required while you return back to India, hence, do not loose the permits.

3. Kindly make sure that all your documents are up to date.

4. Kindly carry a photocopy of the picture page, of the passport that shows the number. In case you loose your passport, it can be helpful, in getting the new passport as well.

5. Do not forget to carry the travel tickets with you.

6.  Travel Insurance

7. A copy of valid permit and an ID proof would help you in getting a SIM card from Bhutan.

8.It would be helpful if you carry Guide Map of Bhutan.

9. It is likely to rain in Bhutan throughout the year, so it is advisable to carry a rain jacket and umbrella with you.

10. For sun protection, kindly carry sun glasses, hat/ cap, sun screen lotion.

11. A pen/ Notepad throughout the trip to jot down important things while traveling.

12. Emergency contact numbers should be kept handy.

13. A handy Towel, paper soaps/ Sanitizer is always helpful.

14. Shaving kit, if you are planning for long vacation.

15. The necessary items should be packed in a hand bag.

17. It is always advisable to carry enough cash since only International Credit cards are acceptable at the hotels. Therefore, kindly do not depend upon the ATM cards.

18. Tobacco and its products are banned in Bhutan. Do not carry such products.

19. And do not bring any plant/ such agricultural product from Bhutan. It is considered illegal.

20. Bhutan is 14 hrs ahead of US Pacific Standard Time and 6 hrs ahead of G.M.T.

21. Current is 220 Volts. Wall plugs are normally round, two pronged European type- therefore please bring your adapter plugs.

22. Currency may be exchanged at Airport/ banks/ hotels. However, it is a difficult task, once you leave Thimphu. The exchange rates change every day.

23. For the sake of safety, in case traveler’s cheques are carried (American Express, Master Card and Visa), they are also acceptable.

24. Carry a flashlight/ torch along with few batteries.

25. You may carry a binocular for clear distant views.

26. If you are carrying a camera, please carry spare batteries, tripod stand, films etc.

27. You can freely capture pictures for the outside views of the monasteries, hills, landscapes, markets but the photography is not allowed inside the monasteries.

28. Adequate shoes/ slippers/ socks etc. Please make sure that the shoes are comfortable enough and protective from weather and rugged terrain.

29. Warm and waterproof gloves/ boots.

30. It is advisable to carry insect repellent

Shampoo and conditioner.
2. Body Cleanser and body lotion.
3. Soap
4. Lip Balm in case of dryness.
5. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Make up kit, Hair Brush
6. Contact lenses/ Eye Glasses if you use.
7. Antiseptic Cream

Carry few light books to read if you are fond of reading books.
2. Carry a music player for entertainment
3. Ear phones/ Ear plugs to avoid noise while traveling or sleeping

MEDICAL BOX: Personal medical kit for personal use and for the routine medicines, provided you have the prescribed authentication for the medicines.
1. Aspirin, Travel sickness, Altitude Sickness pills.
2. Antacid and anti- diarrhea pills.
3. Important hygiene products


  1. For entry at the monasteries, it is advisable to avoid shorts and prefer covering full sleeves and long trousers for both men and women. Slip on shoes would be preferable so that they can be easily removed at the monasteries.
  2. Woolen/ Sweat Shirts, Gloves, Caps, Thermals- depending upon the time of the year you are planning your trip.
  3. For May- since this month is a pleasant month to visit Bhutan. Therefore, it is advisable to carry light clothes as it is warm between March and July. However, during the nights, it can be cool so please carry light woolens.
  4. For September till November- it gets quite cold during the winters, so it is advised to carry heavy woolens, a wind cheater and a fleece jacket.
  5. Swim wear in case you wish to experience traditional hot stone bath or hot springs.