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Bhutan Rila Expedition offers specialized tours of Bhutan. Each trip is carefully crafted to ensure that you see the best of each destination in the time offered. Whether a luxurious journey or an offbeat trek in some of the unspoilt regions of Bhutan, Bhutan Rila Expedition takes pride in itself on an intimate knowledge of each destination and an attention to detail that will ensure unforgettable memories for you.

Our Passion for service, Passion for creativity, Passion for excellence, Passion for doing things right – the first time. For everyone here at Rila Expeditions we are all just parts of a much larger passion, a greater love… Our deep love for the richness, variety and magic of Bhutan , our abiding passion for introducing our guests to all the wonders that Bhutan  has to offer and the joy of welcoming them not just the first time but time and time again.

At Rila we love what we do, and our commitment goes far beyond just the business side of tourism.  All activities with Bhutan Rila are designed in compliance with eco-friendly approved environmental norms devoted to sustainable tourism that leads to the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, and biological diversity and life support systems. We support our Royal Government’s policy of low impact, high quality tourism. As a responsible stakeholder, we believe in tourism that is sustainable rendering minimal impact on the environment, culture and society. We want to show our clients the best that Bhutan has to offer and that means we give them our best and ensure that every aspect of their experience is memorable.

Our guides aren’t just multi-lingual professionals; they’re dedicated, friendly veterans with years of experience who share our passion to make Bhutan come alive with our traditional warm hospitality. And when they go on the road, it’s in luxury vehicles whose drivers are hand picked professionals with spotless records and unforgettably warm smiles.

They’re backed up by a professional support team at our offices throughout Bhutan whose enthusiasm, creativity and dynamism set them apart and make them the key to our reputation for excellence. People like that, of course, also have the best equipment and infrastructure at their disposal, from state-of-the-art computer systems to round-the-clock communications support. We believe in loving care, deep, sincere and personal concern for our guests. Treating them like family who’ve come to visit us from a long way away. That’s the way we work and the way we act, and it’s what we expect from everyone else we work with.

That’s the reason for the professional commendations we continue to receive, not to mention the hundreds of thank you that we receive every year. We personally value not only the professional recognition but every single one of these letters, but it’s the face-to-face contact, the expressions of amazement and the happiness, expressed in a warm hug or a sincere handshake that mean so much more to all of us at Rila , as our best reward.
We want to share not just our beautiful country with you. We have spent decades sharing our love with people from around the world and, the more we share it, the stronger it grows.